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Recently Google announced that Google Place pages are being replaced with Google+ Local pages for business.

Google+ Local pages are new business profile listings which will replace your Google Place page and integrate with Google’s social network, Google+.  Users can access these pages through Search, Maps, and the new Local tab within Google+.

This seems a little confusing but it will be yet another way to help people discover and share local businesses with Google+.

I looked at some of the new format pages and found that they are more user-friendly, dynamic, and easier to interact with than pre-existing Google Place pages.  I love the new look!

You should have already noticed that your Google Place page has already been converted to a Local+ page.  If not, prepare, it is coming soon! According to Google, you will still continue to manage your information (basic information, make updates, respond to reviews, etc.) in Google Places for Business.

As of right now if you have a Google+ Business page you will have two Google+ pages to manage.  However, the time is coming soon for you to be able to merge your Google+ Business page with your Google Local+ page.  It will work similar to how Facebook is allowing us to merge pages.  Check out these businesses that Google has worked with to upgrade their listings early so that we could all see what it would look like:

What do you think? Do you like the changes?

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