Clean Your Fork

By Bigfork Web Development | April 20, 2009

Saturday April 25th  8AM – 12 Everyone is invited to the annual “Clean Your Fork” event to help clean up Bigfork before our summer visitors arrive. Meet at 8AM at Bigfork Elementary School for a wonderful pancake breakfast sponsored by Flathead Bank. From there we will...

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Is Your Website Color Conscious?

By Carrie Short | April 7, 2009

The main purpose of your website is to convey information, whether that is the service you provide, office hours or price of your products. If a visitor can’t read or find the information then the website isn’t doing its job. I have no visual impairment,...

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BWD’s E2Seminar Presentation

By Carrie Short | March 27, 2009

On Tuesday Dani Taylor and Mike Callaghan presented at Montana West Economic Development’s E2 Seminar. Dani covered a wide range of topics concerning the Art of Web Design including design, layout, writing for the web, and more… You can download a copy of the powerpoint...

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Beware of SEO Spam

By Carrie Short | February 9, 2009

Anyone with an email account has received spam at one point or another; whether it be from Nigerian Princes in need of economic assistance or an add trying to sell you medication. Generally spam is easy to identify, but occasionally an email will filter through...

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