As a web developer I am constantly keeping up-to-date on web browsers, because believe it or not what web browser someone is using can affect how they view a website. All web browsers interpret HTML and CSS, the building blocks of the web, slightly differently. This means that we are checking all the websites we make in multiple web browsers like IE7 and Firefox.

According to W3schools browser statistics the most frequently used browser is Firefox at 41%; though the combined users of IE6 and IE7 tops this at 52%. We have found that many of our clients, more than the national average, are using IE7 and IE6. Tell us what browser you use and why.

The Browser I Use and  Why?

Firefox 3.0

Best feature: The  Awesome Bar

Why is it called the Awesome Bar, because it is awesome? The awesome bar is exactly like your typical address bar in most browsers except it has more capability. Have you ever visited a website, but not been able to locate it again because the URL has nothing to do with the content of the site? Well the awesome bar searches page titles and keywords within the URL and then generates  the drop down list of websites you’ve visited in the past. This feature alone has made me a diehard Firefox user.

I also use Firefox 3.0 because of its web developer toolbar. This is an add-on that allows me to diagnose problems in a site and more easily look at the code. For a web developer this is an invaluable tool.

Why I recommend Firefox – The awesome bar and the add-ons  easily make this the most user friendly browser in my opinion.

If you’re still using Firefox 2.0 – update to 3.0 immediately. There’s no reason to keep an older version of the software when there are so many advancements in the newer version.

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  • Jana says:

    Apparently an oddity in the world of Web Development, I still use Internet Explorer (Version 7) as my default browser. There are 3 main reasons for this, some more noble than others.

    1. Most of my clients (I would guess 80%) use Internet Explorer, and I like to be sure that I see what they are seeing. This is helpful if they need assistance over the phone.

    2. I hate change. Not the greatest attribute when you work in a technology driven field, I admit, but its the honest truth. I just started drinking the Microsoft Kool-Aid from the first day I got a PC and haven’t stopped. I’m a creature of patterned behaviors and habits and despite all the developers here telling me what I’m missing out on with my good old IE, I dig my heels in the sand.

    3. Checks and balances. Everyone here at BWD uses something a bit different, which is a tremendous help when we are launching a new website or reviewing big changes to an existing one. We can look at that website in every platform and browser imaginable to be sure that it works right and looks good for everyone.

    My reasons for using my IE browser are not driven by features like Carrie’s are, but by benefits to my clients… as well as my own stubborn behavior :)

  • Jana - Project Manager says:

    An afterthought: in spite of my continued use of Internet Explorer and my apparent reticence to change, I must encourage and implore my fellow web users to at least be forward thinking enough to upgrade! Because most things on the Web are being built for viewing in either IE7 or Firefox … please at least be using the latest IE upgrade to view all the good things on the web properly!

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