A couple of us from the office had the opportunity to attend the August Kalispell Chamber Luncheon, while Jana covered the office.  Thanks Jana!

We were so inspired that we wanted to share the Power point presentation that we posted on the Kalispell Chamber website! We hope you take the time to check it out, and let us know what you think!

We love the ideas that CTA Architects Engineers presented at the Luncheon! We understand that these changes may take years, but If and when these exciting changes take place, we feel Kalispell will be a more positive experience for locals and visitors alike.

Let’s face it! We all know the traffic and roads are slightly chaotic right now.  These changes will allow for a much better flow of traffic and much friendlier for pedestrians.

We will be able to enjoy historic downtown Kalispell, green space, and shopping without the worry of highway traffic, noise, and just plain chaos.  We will have wider sidewalks, the railroad tracks will become a pathway and we will have easier access to neighborhoods.

As with many major changes there will be some challenges and reluctance for some of these changes, which means, we all need to get on board and stay tuned for future meetings and presentations, so we can stay informed!

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