By Mike Callaghan | August 27, 2008

Welcome to the launch of the new BigforkWEB Blog. We intend to use this new Blog as a tool to share interesting information we come across with our clients and others that could enhance your website.  Technology, best practices and web standards are constantly evolving. ...

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Free Stuff I Like

By Bigfork Web Development | August 13, 2008

Living on the Web as I do, I often run into flashy “free downloads” and “free software” that tempt me as I travel along the internet highway. Occasionally I find something that’s not only free, no strings attached, no fine print or upgrade in 30 days, but...

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What browser do you use and why?

By Carrie Short | August 1, 2008

As a web developer I am constantly keeping up-to-date on web browsers, because believe it or not what web browser someone is using can affect how they view a website. All web browsers interpret HTML and CSS, the building blocks of the web, slightly differently....

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